Multiple Files Uploader with Drag-and-Drop Support

As web apps evolve, you might have found it handy to let users drag and drop files from the desktop onto the browser to upload. Ajax Uploader 4.0 introduces a very convenient drag and drop feature. The new functionality allows the user to drag a file directly into drop zone without the use of file dialog.

Note. The drag and drop functionality requires the end-user's browser to support HTML5 technology. It means that it works in modern browsers only: IE10+, Safari 6+, Firefox 4+, Google Chrome, and Opera 12+.



Drag and drop, without automatic upload

Ajax Uploader allows users to upload files by simply dragging and dropping them over the control - without uploading files to server automatically. drag drop upload control

Drag and drop then upload directly

In this demo, end-users can add files to the UploadControl by dragging them over the drop zone, and files will be uploaded to server instantly.