The How-tos page is designed to help you quickly find the answers to your most frequent programming questions. This section may be used as a topical reference. If there are topics not addressed here that you'd like to see in future releases, please drop us an email at

1. Save files into SQL Server Database using File Uploader Control

A sample demonstrates how to use File Uploader Control to upload multiple files to the database asynchronously. Users can select multiple files to upload by using the SHIFT key or CTRL key when selecting files on the file upload dialog.

2. Upload Images using FileUpload Control

A basic sample demonstrates how to upload images using file upload control. Ajax Uploader supports client side and server side validation of the file size/type. Client side validation of file size/types prior to uploading the files to a server increases usability and reduces consumption of network and server resources. In this example, large images will be resized and image's thumbnails are generated automatically.

3. Using Ajax Uploader in ASP.Net MVC

Ajax uploader works ASP.NET MVC environment. The MVC examples are included in the download package. The guide shows the steps to implement a Ajax Uploader Control into ASP.NET MVC(Razor).

4. Enable and disable mimetype checking on uploads

Ajax uploader tries to detect the MIME type of the files you upload, and rejects the file if the file-extension does not match the mime type ("The file is corrupt or has an incorrect extension"). If you are getting this error for valid files, try using an external tool for detecting the MIME type. The guide shows how to disable/enable mimetype checking on uploads.

4. Uploading folders using file upload control (Chrome browser only)

The ability to upload entire folders from the browser is an incredibly common feature request. Google Chrome 11 now supports uploading folders. Currently this feature is implemented in Google Docs. The new Ajax uploader has full support for folder selection and upload in Chrome. As additional browsers implement support, we will add support for them to Ajax uploader.